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The Sandra Taylor Collection

Olivia - Ambush IV Olivia - Ambush II Olivia - Ambush I Olivia - Ambush III Olivia - Study of Sandra IV Olivia - Study of Sandra I Olivia - Study of Sandra II Olivia - Study for Satin Under Siege Olivia - Mermaid I Olivia - Mermaid II Olivia - The Sandra Taylor Collection

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10 Limited Edition Giclée Prints of actress and model Sandra Taylor
Available exclusively from Erotic Folly!

This collection contains the following 10 individual studies of Sandra Taylor:
Ambush I, Ambush II, Ambush III, Ambush IV,
Study of Sandra I, Study of Sandra II, Study of Sandra IV,
Study for Satin Under Siege, Mermaid I, and Mermaid II

These prints are giclée impressions, vivid and beautiful, and measuring 16 1/2 "x 21" each. The ten prints are
a matched numbered set, of a series of 50 (edition size 68). Each print is signed by both Olivia and Sandra Taylor!
This collection is featured in Olivia's 1998 catalog, New Works, and originally retailed for $7000.
You won't find a better value for a collection such as this from Olivia! Folly Special $2495 + $30 S/H!
(Dealers: Ask about special pricing and consignment.)

FLASH! These prints are now available individually @ $289 each + $16 S/H
except Mermaid I & II @ $359 each + $16 S/H! Call now!

 For information or to order, e-mail: info@eroticfolly.com
telephone: 423-989-3029 9am-9pm EST

All images Copyright © Olivia De Berardinis, all rights reserved.

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