Links to Vargas, Olivia, Sorayama, and Other Erotic Art

Please visit these friends for more wonderful offerings:

Vargas Collector's Mailing List
A great site dedicated to the Vargas Collector
(Now to be found only in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine)

Erotic Art Photo Gallery and Community
A free online photo gallery where artists can display their erotic artwork

The Pin-up Files
A Tribute to the Masters of Pin-up and Glamour Art

Pin-Up Art Museum
The Pin-Up Art Museum is extensive and worth a visit! (German language)

The Pin-up Page The Pin-up Page is devoted to
the pin-up girls of the 1940's and 50's

Bud's Art Books
A unique and diverse collection of great visual art

San Francisco Art Exchange - The Web's Most Exciting Gallery
Exclusive home of the Vargas Girl!

Vintage Erotica and a great resource, Tallulah's is awesome!

The official website of Walter Girotto
The official website of Walter Girotto

IN DAN Personal Site
In Dan Personal has the most beautiful art and art links I have seen!
(Russian and English)

Erotic Folly - Vargas, Olivia, Sorayama
Link to Folly! Use my banner, or simply link to Erotic Folly at

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