Walter Girotto - Music of Innocence

Walter Girotto

Music of Innocence (1996), mixed media (mosaic & oil on wood).
Frame is covered with gold leaf, 31-1/8" square overall.
A certificate of authenticity comes with this work.

Mr. Girotto comments: Innocence and music must be interpreted here in a different light from usual. Innocence should be understood as the condition in which youth is spent, not yet compromised by experiences acquired when we succumb to deceptive appearances. Instead, music should be understood, in accordance with the teachings passed down to us by the symbolist tradition, as the harmonious whole which governs man and his relations with the world. It supposes a unanimity of body and soul, a harmony of the faculties of the soul and the elements which constitute the body, much more easily found in still innocent youth than in old age, despite its maturity.

Image Copyright © Walter Girotto, all rights reserved.

(Detail of Mosaic)

(Detail of Painting)

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