Walter Girotto - Detail of Painting

Walter Girotto

Felix Culpa (Detail) (1996), oil on wood.
Frame is covered with gold leaf, 22-5/8" w. x 44-1/8" h. overall.
This is only a preview of a detail of this beautiful painting!
(I will try to post a full photo of the entire piece soon. - K.S.)
A certificate of authenticity comes with this work.

Mr. Girotto comments: With this Latin saying, meaning "serene sin", Saint Ambrose, the Italian saint and theologist defines the original sin, or rather, the loss of virginity. I had fun creating a synergy of meanings by suggesting a parallel between this meaning and what Meister Eckhart left us in his writings, in which, on the subject of virginity, we find: "If man (that is, mankind) had remained a virgin, no fruit would have come to him. In order to become fertile, he has to be female. Female? It is the noblest word the soul can be given and it is far more noble than the word virgin. But that God should become fertile within him is better because becomming fertile, thanks to the gift received, means being grateful for this gift. When the divine gift or fruit of the influx develops in man and reaches fullness, the soul is elevated to the supreme degree...".

Image Copyright © Walter Girotto, all rights reserved.

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