Walter Girotto - Deceptive Appearances
Walter Girotto - Deceptive Appearances

Walter Girotto

Deceptive Appearances (1996), oil on wood.
Frame is covered with gold leaf, 29-3/4" w. x 72-1/4" h. overall.
A certificate of authenticity comes with this work.

Mr. Girotto comments: The title Deceptive Appearance refers to the appearance of things when we still haven't acquired sufficient means to distinguish between being and appearances in life. In this phase, when confusion and uncertainty make our steps wary, the deceptive flattery of the spinners of false dreams who accompany our path will attempt with every means possible to entice us away from the path which leads to true illuminated understanding.

For greater appreciation of the work, I feel it is helpful to underline the position of the main character, central and contrite, in relation to the black paths which branch away from her (symbolizing the stability and balance needed in order to face the spiritual path).

Image Copyright © Walter Girotto, all rights reserved.

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